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"Our goal is to provide you with the best moving experience of your life. We at Fresh Start Movers look forward to working with you and completing your project as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We appreciate the opportunity of moving you and your loved ones comfortably into your new home." 


"All I can say is WOW! The 2 guys went above and beyond for me! They were so nice. I noticed at one point they were sprinting from the truck to the house. Honest, efficient, on time & courteous. What more can you ask for in a business? I will be a return customer, as well as telling all my friends and family! Thank you for making this move so easy and stress free." -Zoey 

"The 2 men did a great job. On time, on budget and very professional. Would not hesitate to use again." -Les

"Straightforward move: Kyle and James showed up on time, friendly and professional and hustled to get the job done. Kyle even literally ran up the stairs a few times to help me carry a load. James basically ran the whole time! These guys were really great and very personable. Really couldn't be happier with their service, though i grossly underestimated the time it would take to complete - my own fault." -Laurie

"The Movers You Can Trust"​​

Dependable Movers-Honest Service

"One of the most pleasant moves I have experienced. Courteous, fast, and careful." -Nancy

"Movers were excellent. Got the job done. They were very professional and took great care of moving all the large items as well as the small ones." -John

"They were very prompt, efficient, friendly. Very good movers." -Cheryl

"Look no further. These guys are everything you want in a moving company. Professional and very likable. Thanks guys for all of your hard work!" -Randy

"My real estate agent referred me to Fresh Start and I couldn't be happier with the service they provided. Easy to communicate, careful moving and friendly. They worked quickly but safe and there was no surprises in price. What Kyle flat-rated is what I paid. Excellent service. Highly recommend. -Dan 

"These guys were great and I would hire them again in a second with no reservations. Kyle was quick to respond, easy to work with and clearly answered all my questions. We hired them to pack all our stuff and move our 3 BR house. It took two days (one to pack boxes and one to move), as expected. They showed up right on time both days, were careful and thorough throughout. The cost was reasonable, especially since it included all the packing materials. Money well spent. Thanks guys! -Craig

"Friendly fast move! Great communication. Highly recommend! Really went out of there way to treat my stuff carefully and are absolutely professional. Thanks guys! -Ann

"Fresh Start Movers is by far the best movers I have ever hired. The movers were very fast, the bill came in under there previous quote. Extremely careful when handling all of my fragile stuff. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for movers." -Drew

"Fresh Start did a wonderful job! They were efficient, friendly, professional, careful and fun! I am very satisfied with the work of these two gentleman. This was the best move of my life. They made everything so easy for me. Fantastic service!-Rachelle

"I have moved six times in the last five years, Hired movers every move. I can honestly say hands down they have been the best moving experience I have ever had. From the quoting process through packing and moving, Fresh Start Movers exceeded my expectations. The crew was polite and careful with our delicate items and our heavy furniture. They took the time to put everything exactly where we wanted it in the new house. All in all, this was about as stress-free as a move could be. I highly recommend Fresh Start for any move." -Steve

"These guys did an outstanding job. Awesome service, prompt and best movers I have ever had. I have had horrible moving experiences with previous moving companies. These guys just ROCK! -Holly

"Fresh Start was great for my move. No hassle pricing, and friendly, professional service. The movers were on time, very helpful, and had me done with my move in no time." -Mark

"The movers from Fresh Start couldn't have been better movers. They were on time, they had every kind of packing supply, they treated my valuable paintings and furniture with TLC and they were courteous even after 9 hours of work! I think their pricing is very fair. I would hire them again in a heartbeat." -Debbie

"Moving a 700 pound safe is no easy task. But these guys at Fresh Start Movers made it look like it was nothing. Very good movers, job well done. I will definitely use their service again and highly recommend to anyone who is looking for professionals." -Kevin

"All I can say is they performed as advertised, arriving on time, completing the move I hired them to do in a professional no nonsense manner and charging me exactly the amount we agreed upon. In the past 10-20 years, when was the last time you actually experienced complete satisfaction from a company large or small in either the service you hired them to do, or the purchasing and installation of a product that met your expectations? Sadly, in my experiences very few have resulted in complete satisfaction.

I have  gotten to the point of dreading the need to find a company to actually deliver the service or item I find myself in need of caused by my disappointments or the time involved in correcting over billed charges, returning products due to mistakes or defects and other situations that could have been avoided by the company remembering why they exist?

We should support and encourage small companies like "Fresh Start Movers" by using their services or recommending them to others in need of some heavy lifting whenever possible. Finally I would only remind the young men who are building a great company never to forget the cornerstone of their success, always deliver what you promise!"  -David